Every child is their

own world

Recognizing the strengths of each child & supporting them, every step of the way

Different is 


Recognizing the

strengths of each

child & supporting

them, every step

of the way

Giving Every Child A Chance

Every child should know the joy of success —  both in and out of the classroom. 

For some children, that means extra attention and resources beyond the standard curriculum. Every division of Yeshiva Beth Yehudah is equipped with skilled educators who provide support to children in both secular and Judaic studies — making sure every child receives an education tailored to their needs...and feels like a winner.



Our Learning Centers are staffed with experienced teachers who hold Masters degrees in special education. Many of our faculty also have additional, high-level training in specific areas integral to our students’ continued growth.



Reading and writing are the foundation of any learning — in both Jewish and secular subjects. Our preschool and elementary schools employ full-time reading specialists to support children who need extra help with English and Hebrew kriah.


Our goal is always the same: to see your child flourish. To that end, we employ experienced speech-language pathologists and occupational, physical and ABA therapists, as well as a social worker and/or guidance counselor in every division. Our dedicated learning center and occupational therapy spaces are designed to provide every student with the extra help they need.

Special Education Leadership

Mrs. Lissie Rothstein, Director of Special Education and Support Services

Throughout Lissie’s diverse teaching career — in preschool, special education, autism-centered classrooms, and universities — she’s always remained committed to helping each student achieve their potential. The former Autism Coordinator and Teacher Trainer for Western Wayne County, Lissie has participated in a statewide autism educational leadership program and the Prizmah Jewish Dayschool Leadership program. 


Lissie’s extensive training includes early childhood, parent education, and special education with a host of specialties: cognitive impairments, learning disabilities, emotional impairments, autism spectrum disorders, and Special Education Administration.

You can change the life of a

child by providing a day of

much-needed special services.

The Yeshiva recognizes the generosity of The Jewish Fund in providing startup funding for new hires at the Yeshiva, including case managers, paraprofessionals, social workers, and a speech therapist, to supplement and enhance our Special Education Program.