Our Jewish


Partners Detroit — a division of the Yeshiva — unites Jews of all backgrounds in a welcoming, judgement-free environment.


We are one community, exploring our Judaism together.

Our Jewish


Partners Detroit — a division of the Yeshiva — unites Jews of all backgrounds in a welcoming, judgement-free environment.


We are one community, exploring our Judaism together.

Come connect with our Torah,

our traditions, and our Detroit.

No matter what level of observance you grew up with or how you live your life today, you are welcome at Partners Detroit — where authentic, inspiring Torah study is accessible to all. 



Every week, hundreds of Jewish Detroiters meet up at the Yeshiva Bais Medrash (study hall) for our popular Tuesday Night Learning sessions, where you can find every kind of Jew imaginable. We also have specialty programs tailored for specific interest groups within our community — women, men, teenagers, families, young professionals and more. 


If you’re Jewish and in Detroit, Partners has a program for you.

What our Partners have to say

“I never feel judged;

just loved

I started doing Dinner’n’Learns, and the speakers are some of the best speakers I’ve heard in my life. It starts to holistically seep into your days, your life, your Shabbat, your children. I never feel judged, just loved.


Robyn Lederman Esq,

Partners Detroit Participant

“One of the greatest gates in our community”

The thing about Partners Detroit is that each of its people is a gate in some way, giving free access to our tradition and our Torah. Partners Detroit is one of the greatest gates that has come out of the Detroit community.


Ethan Davidson,

William Davidson Foundation

“Judaism has become

something I love

Judaism has not only become something that defines me; it has become something I love... I understand where I came from and feel blessed to be able to say ‘I am Jewish.’


Jared Arbit,

Partners Detroit Participant

“Partners has turned us into ONE community

Not only are Jews learning — educating themselves and educating their children as well, but most importantly we are ONE...The activities that Partners in Torah has introduced have made us truly one community.

Dr. Conrad Giles, International President, ORT

Participating is as easy as...


Reach Out

for a Partner


We’ll set you up with a perfect match based on age, gender, and interests.


Pick a Topic that

Speaks to You

Learn about anything — from Jewish customs or philosophy to Hebrew letters & texts to Torah views on marriage & family.


Learn With Your Partner 

At Your Own Pace


You’ll meet with your partner each week — in a room with hundreds of pairs like you.

Elevate Your Week


Joining Partners is a wonderful way to meet new people, form new friendships,

learn about your heritage, and get inspired.


Get Involved


We've got a group for everyone. Find yours and get involved!

Young Professionals

Partners’ Young Professionals Division engages Metro Detroit Jews of all backgrounds in that all important stage between college life and married life, when Jewish identity often takes a back seat. 


Our Family Division provides exciting & educational activities for the entire Jewish family. There's something for everyone! We allow parents and children to bond over Jewish experiences and traditions.

M4M Division

The Women’s Division of Partners Detroit is committed to enriching the lives of Jewish women at every age and stage, across the spectrum of the Detroit community. 

D4D Division

Destination for Dads is a group of Detroit dads, all with teenage children, who are seeking to learn more about their Jewish heritage and values, with the goal of bringing it back to their families. 

Holy Women

Our Holy Women Division provides exciting & educational activities for Jewish women of all ages. From Challah bakes to trips and classes on all subjects - there's something for everyone!

Partners Leadership

Rabbi Bentzy Shechter, Director

After completing the Ohr Lagola outreach training program in Jerusalem, Rabbi Schechter spent 23 years establishing a network of outreach programs on college campuses across America. During his extensive travels, he examined outreach practices in communities across the US, and he now implements the best of them in his Partners role — planning, directing and overseeing all programs. 

Rabbi Schechter enjoys spending time with his wife and nine kids, travelling and exploring Jewish communities across the country.

Rabbi Leiby Burnham, Educator

A self-described “wandering Jew,” Rabbi Burnham was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, then moved to Israel in his late teens. From there, he moved on to NYC, spending 9 years studying in Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv and earning a Masters in Social Work from Yeshiva University before finally settling with his family in Oak Park. (Whew!)


During the past 13 years at Partners, Rabbi Burnham has taught hundreds of Jewish classes for all members of the local community. He is known for his dynamic style, captivating openers, and unique ability to break down complex ideas with real-life stories and examples. He enjoys writing, snowboarding, and spending time with his family.

Rabbi Avi Cohen, Senior Director

Born in Rochester, NY, Rabbi Cohen has studied and taught Torah across the world: Scranton, Detroit, Brooklyn and Jerusalem. 


Rabbi Cohen taught for ten years at Shaare Torah, a Sephardic high school in Brooklyn, until he was recruited back to Detroit to serve as principal of Yeshiva Beth Yehudah. He served five years in that position, then resumed his lifelong passion: teaching Torah in the classroom. 


Rabbi Cohen’s most important—and challenging—job at Partners is matching mentors to the interested learner. Thanks to his broad connections in the Detroit Jewish community, the program has expanded tremendously under his direction. 

Rabbi Cohen also teaches classes on various subjects of Jewish interest, while serving as mohel to the greater Detroit community and beyond. He loves learning, and when not teaching or spending time with family, can be found buried in the Talmud.

Rabbi Chaim Fink, Rabbi and Educator

Rabbi Fink grew up in a small NY suburb called New Rochelle, where his father served as rabbi for the past 37 years. After his marriage, he lived in Jerusalem for many years and earned his rabbinic ordination and a Masters in Educational Leadership. At Partners, participants call his classes “fresh,” “engaging,” and “stimulating;” he has a unique talent for teaching Torah in a way that appeals to the modern Jewish mind.  


Whether learning with participants on the trails, in the classroom or one-on-one, Rabbi Fink is constantly looking for ways to connect with fathers and family men. He loves cooking, running, and spending time with his wife and five children.

Shaindel Fink, Women's Division Educator

Born to visionary parents who ran an open home, Jewish outreach is in Shaindel’s blood. She holds a Master’s in Education and is a certified instructor of the laws of family purity.


Shaindel combines a thrill for learning, meaningful content, and charismatic delivery. At Partners, she teaches, learns one-on-one, plans programs, and serves as the in-house party planner for events.  Along with spending time with her husband and five children, Shaindel loves using her sharp aesthetic sense to arrange flowers, set tables and add beauty to her world.

Rabbi Noam Gross, YP Division Director

A native of Ottawa, Canada, Rabbi Gross received his rabbinical ordination from the Jerusalem Kollel and served as an educator for Aish HaTorah’s Essentials program in Jerusalem. He spent years studying Jewish history and philosophy, and is uniquely skilled at teaching core Jewish concepts for beginners.


Rabbi Gross and his wife Tsippi moved to Detroit three years ago with their three children when he assumed the role of Partner Detroit’s Young Professional Division Director. Rabbi Gross keeps busy learning with young professionals, hosting large Shabbat meals, and running inspirational trips and programs.

Racheli Indig, Educator

Racheli was born in Brooklyn, NY and is a graduate of Prospect Park Yeshiva. After her marriage, she lived with her husband in Far Rockaway, NY, then moved to Oak Park 10 years ago. 


For the past 18 years, Racheli has been educating diverse crowds and teaching women and girls from all backgrounds. Her work with Partners Detroit allows her to combine her two passions: meeting and getting to know people, and learning Jewish texts to extrapolate their messages. When not working, Racheli spends time with her husband and five sons. She plays a mean game of basketball and loves listening to music, making challah, staying fit, and creating photobooks.

Sara Aliza Scheinberg, Senior Lecturer

A veteran women’s educator, Sara Aliza has spent the past 20 years connecting with women and spreading Torah knowledge around the globe: first in Jerusalem, Colorado, and Texas, then in her native, beloved Detroit. 


Sara Aliza’s style is intellectual-cum-practical. Her favorite part of teaching is opening listeners’ eyes to new perspectives — and allowing them to arrive at their own conclusions. Friendly and outgoing, she takes every opportunity to learn from every person she meets. She’s passionate about building communities through Torah learning — and about spending time investing in her own family too.

Erin Stiebel, Educator

Originally from Silver Spring, Maryland, Erin holds  a BA in Judaic Studies, an MBA in Management, and a Masters in Jewish Education from Yeshiva University. 


Erin fell in love with Jewish outreach when she became an NCSY summer staff member— and she’s kept at it for the past 14 years. A Southfield resident, she has served as the Director of NCSY GIVE since 2009, and is a beloved educator at Partners.  Her goal is to impart a love of Judaism, build Jewish communities, and introduce people to age-old traditions that will keep them Jewishly connected even as society evolves.

Erin loves spending time with her family, and shopping at Target (not necessarily in that order).

Shmuli Wolf, Educator

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Rabbi Wolf studied Jewish law in Torah institutions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Israel. In 2015, he and his wife Nechama and family moved to Dallas, where he joined DATA’s YJP outreach division and led the Monday night Partners in Torah program for three years. Rabbi Wolf also ran a successful Jewish flag football league for young professionals, and coordinated national and international trips. 


Rabbi Wolf moved to Detroit and joined Partners three years ago, where his frank discussion of any topic of interest makes him the go-to rabbi for young professionals with questions. When he’s not running trips, learning with participants, or spending time with his family, he enjoys playing (and winning at!) football.