Boys will be


Helping our children

grow into the best

versions of themselves

Boys will be


Helping our children grow into the best versions of themselves




Our boys are encouraged to love learning, love Torah, and love themselves. When our boys graduate 8th grade, they are equipped with the skills they need to continue their learning in the high school or mesivta of their choice.

Individualized Attention

Small class sizes and a large support staff ensure each boy gets the attention he needs. Our intensive kriah program, for example, guides our students from aleph bais in Pre-1A to sophisticated textual study in 8th grade. 

Teaching the Child, Not the Subject

We aim for academic achievement, but we want so much more for our children. Our rebbeim go out of their way to form authentic, trust-based relationships with each student, always remembering that a child is a human being first...and a student second.

Remedial Help for Struggling Students

Students who need extra help enjoy immediate access to our wide array of in-house specialists. Whether a child struggles with learning, language or social skills, he’ll get the help he needs from trained special education teachers.

Spiritual Role Models

Growing boys need real, touchable role models. Our full-time kollel — housed right in the middle of our boys school — creates a spiritually charged atmosphere and provides the real-life examples our boys seek as they learn about the importance of limud haTorah.

Professional Development For Rebbeim

At Bais Yehudah, skill-building isn’t just for students. All our rebbeim are full-time, salaried employees — which means that when our boys start their afternoons, their morning teachers stay behind to sharpen their pedagogical skills, prepare their lessons, and communicate with parents and students.

This preparation time outside the classroom makes a world of a difference inside the classroom, ensuring that our children receive the best their teachers have to offer.

Boys School Leadership

Rabbi Dovid Kaufman,  Menahel

Rabbi Shlomo Newman, Menahel P1A-3rd grade

Rabbi Meir Kranczer, Sgan Menahel

Mrs. Chanie Goldstein, General Studies Principal

Rabbi Menachem Z. Greenfield, Menahel Ruchani

Partner with us in providing our boys with an exceptional education.