Girls will be


Helping our children grow into the best versions of themselves

Girls will be


Helping our children grow into the best versions of themselves

Bais Yaakov Elementary School


From Pre-1A through 5th grade, girls at the Yeshiva develop positive middos and strong social skills in a warm, ruach-filled environment. With a special focus on reading and math, they master important classroom skills — skills they will draw on for the rest of their education and life.

Hands-on Skill Building


Students enjoy hands-on lessons and field trips in subjects like science, math, language arts,  computers, physical education, nutrition, and art. Our expert staff regularly evaluate students’ math and reading skills to determine if they would benefit from extra help or a modified curriculum, either in-class or one-on-one in our resource rooms.

Character Development


When girls are ingrained with the importance of middos tovos from a young age, they grow into kind, character-driven bnos yisroel. Our students explore a new middah each month through songs, games, and an interactive hotline.

Joyful Self-Discovery


During this socially sensitive stage, our girls develop strong social skills in staff-supervised recess time, and in workshops run by our on-staff social worker. Special performances staged throughout the year give them the chance to showcase their individual talents and discover new passions outside of the classroom setting.

Elementary School Leadership

Mrs. Tziporah Kunstlinger, Limudei Kodesh Supervisor

Drawing on 15 years in the classroom — and an additional six in the Yeshiva’s administration — Mrs. Kunstlinger works to foster her students’ love for Torah and Yiddishkeit through stimulating curricula and innovative extracurricular programs.  She also composes songs and scripts to add color to every school day and give her girls opportunities to shine outside the classroom.

Mrs. Libby Abraham, General Studies Supervisor

With more than a decade of teaching experience spanning elementary, middle and high schools — in both limudei kodesh and secular studies, and traditional and special education — Mrs. Abraham believes in reaching every child at their level of need. She takes great pride in observing how the students imbibe the Yeshiva’s core message of inclusion and care for each other.

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Bais Yaakov Middle School


Sixth through eighth grade is a time of transition, as our girls navigate the passage from children to women. During these years, we prepare our students for the more advanced learning that takes place in high school; our girls make the shift from single-teacher classrooms to a departmental program, with specialized teachers for different subjects.

Critical Thinking Skills


As girls advance to more complex learning, we structure our curriculum to develop critical thinking and intellectual development. Students grow in their textual interpretation skills — first reading and understanding Rashi and meforshim, then learning to interpret them on their own.

Leadership and Social Development

Learning is fun when it’s done through games, songs and projects in an environment rich with school spirit. Our own eighth graders take leadership roles in planning school-wide events and chessed programs, learning invaluable lessons in and out of the classroom.

Participation in Statewide Academic Competitions


Our girls have achieved success in multiple statewide academic competitions, and as finalists in national and state essay contests like the Kaplun Foundation Essay Contest and the Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance Essay Contest. We’re proud of them, and even prouder of their growth as bnos yisroel as they mature and refine their social, emotional, and spiritual skills.

Middle School Leadership

Mrs. Esther Landsman, Principal

In 1984, Mrs. Landsman began her first day of teaching at the Yeshiva — the very same school her father had attended — and 35 years later, she’s still going strong. From 5th grade teacher to Assistant Principal of Bais Yaakov High School, to her current position at the Middle School, Mrs. Landsman has always sought to forge relationships with her students, building them up for bright futures.

Mrs. Mira Cooper, General Studies Supervisor

A proud alumna of the Yeshiva, Mrs. Cooper is thrilled to be able to give back to her hometown. Throughout her career in education, she’s held a variety of positions: math teacher, department chair, and now administrator. Mrs. Cooper and her husband have six sons, all of whom attend or have graduated from the Yeshiva.

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Bais Yaakov High School


At our Bais Yaakov high school, teenage girls enjoy high standards of learning in a fun-filled atmosphere. They don’t just come out with a strong academic foundation — they emerge with a powerful love for Torah, mitzvos, and derech eretz


We’re proud of our students’ high scores on standardized tests and acceptances to top-tier seminaries and colleges, as they indicate our girls’ readiness for the next stage of their lives.

Advanced Placement Classes


Our students enjoy access to Advanced Placement courses in their junior and senior years. They also receive guidance around their post-high school plans as early as eleventh grade.

Diverse Extracurriculars


Our students enjoy access to wide-ranging extracurricular activities, including G.O., production, and chessed programs. As they have (great) fun, they also develop leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills.

Social Responsibility


By volunteering and participating in community service, our students cultivate empathy and social responsibility.

High School Leadership

Rabbi Zev Poss,  Menahel

Rabbi Zev Poss is himself a graduate of Yeshiva Beth Yehudah and continued his studies in the Telz Yeshiva in Cleveland, Ohio. He spent 34 years in Telz beginning as a student in the 9th grade and completing his tenure as the Principal of the General Studies program. Rabbi Poss devotes his time as the Menahel of the Beth Jacob Girls School to transmitting his excitement and passion for Torah education and Chinuch to the students of our Yeshiva.

Mrs. Shulamis Rubinfeld, Limudei Kodesh Principal

Mrs. Rubinfeld’s 40-year career in chinuch has taken her all over the globe: from her first positions in Akron, Ohio and Lakewood, all the way to teaching and school leadership positions at Adass Israel School in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2000, Mrs. Rubinfeld has focused her effervescent energy on this side of the ocean, passing on her love for Torah to the Yeshiva’s teenagers. Mrs. Rubinfeld holds a teacher’s license from Yavne Seminary as well as a Secondary School Instruction Certificate from the State of Ohio.

Mrs. Rochel Schwartz, General Studies Principal

Over her 30 year career in education, Mrs. Schwartz has taught nearly every age group — from elementary through college and adult education. She most enjoys working with teens, inspiring them to grow into productive young adults. Mrs. Schwartz trained in Breuer’s Teacher’s Seminary, Touro College, and Columbia University’s Teachers’ College — where she earned her Masters in Educational Administration — followed by countless hours of post graduate enrichment workshops and seminars. 

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