Living, breathing

role models

Torah-true exemplars 

who light the way

for our children

Living, breathing

role models

Torah-true exemplars who light the way for our children

“The members of our Scholars Kollel have dedicated their entire lives to learning Torah and Torah mastery. Centrally located in the main hallway of the Yeshiva, they serve as role models for the upcoming generation. This adds a huge dimension to our Torah learning on a daily basis.”

Rabbi Shlomo Loketch, Dean of Scholars Kollel


Adult scholars learn full-time in our bais medrash, which is located in the Boys School building. Their idealism and love for Torah deeply inspires our boys, who witness their dedication every day of the week. Visitors to the kollel often comment on the joyful atmosphere that surrounds our scholars, proud ambassadors of Torah living.

The Scholars Kollel has published three internationally recognized books of talmudic and halachic analysis and its graduates have taken leadership positions in schools and communities here in Michigan and across the country.

“This is amazing. The Scholars Kollel is your best-kept secret. You should tell everyone about it!”


Governor Rick Snyder,

2016 Visit to the Yeshiva Beth Yehudah

Kollel Leadership

Rabbi Shlomo Loketch Rosh Kollel - Dean

A Detroit native, Rabbi Loketch graduated from the Yeshiva’s eighth grade and went on to attend the Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia and Yeshivas Brisk. 


After eight invigorating years in Israel, Rabbi Loketch brought his passion for learning and teaching back to Detroit to lead the Yeshiva's Kollel.  

Rabbi Mutty Frey, Sgan Rosh Kollel - Assistant Dean

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