Little fingers

Big dreamers

Building a rock-solid foundation for growing and learning, from the very start

Little fingers

Big dreamers

Building a rock-solid foundation for growing and learning, from the very start




The Bais Yehudah preschool is a warm, safe and fun environment perfect for nurturing curious young minds. Our little ones explore and discover, building the developmental, social, and emotional skills they’ll use in elementary school and beyond.


Students enjoy reading, music, art, gym, and other activities as they build the foundations of an exceptional education. Our dual curriculum covers Judaic and secular studies — with classes in English and Hebrew — to prepare students for full, fulfilling lives.


Our team of knowledgeable educators monitor each student’s growth to ensure they’re progressing in their intellectual, social, and emotional development. Thanks to their holistic training and experience, our teachers & administrators know exactly what to look for to proactively prevent problems and pave a seamless path forward.


When issues are identified early on, it’s so much easier to address them. That’s why every child at the Yeshiva receives regular evaluations to make sure they are thriving and meeting milestones. If a child needs extra attention in a particular area, we arrange for immediate therapy services provided by trained specialists.


Your first school experiences set the tone for the rest of your education. We make sure every teaching moment is enveloped in care and concern — so our youngsters associate learning with love. Our preschool is a warm, inclusive welcome into the Yeshiva family of schools, a network each child will remain connected to for a lifetime.


Science has proven that literacy is key to effective learning. 


  • Students explore literacy through creative games, individualized pacing, and a variety of sensory, visual, and tactile tools. 
  • Our veteran teachers enjoy the constant support of qualified assistants, to ensure that every child gets the reading help they need.


We invest in teaching key skills because we recognize how critical they are to children’s future success.


  • All of our students benefit from group learning & individual instruction, helping them become self-sufficient and effective team players.
  • Children in need of additional assistance are assigned 1:1 specialists to hone and practice their skills.

Preschool Leadership

Mrs. Rivka Goldberg,  Director

A dedicated educator who’s been in the field for 30 years, Mrs. Goldberg is passionate about individualized education — providing every student with the services and support that allow them to thrive.


She holds a masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Mrs. Zahava Levi, Program Director

A 30-year teaching veteran who’s taught a range of elementary and middle school classes — and received the Gruss Teacher of the Year Award — Mrs. Levi is most at home at the preschool. 


Since 2004, she has directed the programming of the Yeshiva’s preschool, working to ensure that every child has the resources they need to flourish. 

Help give our youngest learners a bright beginning.