Meet the leadership

of the Yeshiva.

Behind everything we do are the talented and devoted staff who work every day to uphold the Yeshiva’s legacy.

Meet the soul

of the Yeshiva.

Behind everything we do are the talented and devoted staff who work every day to uphold the Yeshiva’s legacy.

Yeshiva Administration

Rabbi Gershon Miller, Dean/Rosh Hamosad


Rabbi Shragie Myers, Executive Director

Armed with semicha from the Chief Court of Jerusalem and Ner Le’Elef Leadership training, Rabbi Myers left Israel in 2013 to work for the Young Leadership Division of Partners Detroit. An awardee of the 2018 Jewish News 36 under 36 and a volunteer EMT for Detroit Hatzalah, Rabbi Myers and his wife Chana ‘Liza live in Southfield with their five children.

Mrs. Rivkie Cohen, Director of Event Planning & Grant Management

Rivkie Cohen has worked in nonprofit management for more than half of her lifetime. After moving from New York to Michigan for her husband to pursue his PhD, she joined the Yeshiva team as an administrative assistant and steadily assumed additional responsibilities. Today she coordinates the Yeshiva’s Annual Dinner, in addition to other fundraising projects and events.

Rabbi Yossi Goldblatt, Director of Operations

Rabbi Goldblatt's career in nonprofit management began in Pinsk, Belarus, as the assistant director of Yad Yisroel — a nonprofit dedicated to the social welfare and education of underprivileged Jewish children. More recently, he was the Director of Development and Programming at the Portland Kollel in Portland, Oregon.

Rabbi Goldblatt received his MBA with a concentration in nonprofit business management from Touro College and lives in Southfield with his wife and five children.

Mrs. Rochel Lea Groundland, Director of Marketing

Rochel Lea Groundland is a proud graduate of Yeshiva Beth Yehudah, and all of her children are Yeshiva graduates as well.  For over twenty years she has worked for the Yeshiva in various roles; the last decade spent on Yeshiva fundraising projects, events and marketing. 

As a trained interior designer, Rochel Lea is also involved in the design choices of the various, ongoing Yeshiva building projects. 


Rabbi Shimshon Jonas, Development Director

Mr. Ari Silverstein, Buildings Manager


Mr. Moshe Tomases, Controller

Moshe graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with an MS in Accounting and is a licensed CPA. His previous experience includes CFO of an online retail company and indulging his personal passion to help individuals with their personal finances, tax and financial planning.

Moshe loves attending 3-day seminars on nonprofit best practices and financial management and his hobbies include excel sheets, P&L statements and financial presentations.

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